cassette-tape incl. download code (limited 25 pieces)

only available before and after performances of matthias erian & howool baek

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composition / arrangement / processing / recording / mix

© matthias erian

foto by baek & erian



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The performance is presented with live generated video by the performers body on stage and music is performed through 4 to 6 channel surround sound system.

70 % of the sounds are processing of body sounds.

For the tape realisation the composition is reduced to a stereo mix and kept in the order of the choreography, with new cueing and additional sound processing.

Thanks to Howool Baek, Kyu Choi, Sangmi Kim to produce this performance.

Thanks to Rosa, Ernst, (… and many more) to support this work.



This music was created for the performance “NOTHING for 60min” in collaboration with the choreographer Howool Baek.

Download-Code included

℗ meR



We know ourselves. But what do others know about us?

They only see their opinion of me, look at a part of me 

and interpret it as they want.

They think they know me.

But it´s NOTHING.





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